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Publications: Quantum Noise-Free Measurements

R. X. Adhikari, K. Arai, A. F. Brooks, C. Wipf, O. Aguiar, P. Altin, B. Barr, L. Barsotti, R. Bassiri, A. Bell et al. (2020) A cryogenic silicon interferometer for gravitational-wave detection.

Yuntao Bai, Gautam Venugopalan, Kevin Kuns, Christopher Wipf, Aaron Markowitz, Andrew R Wade, Yanbei Chen, and Rana X Adhikari. (2020) Phase-sensitive optomechanical amplifier for quantum noise reduction in laser interferometers.

Gautam Venugopalan, Koji Arai, and Rana X. Adhikari. (2020) Global optimization of multilayer dielectric coatings for precision measurements.