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Headshot Walter De Logi

The funding for the De Logi Science and Technology Grants comes from the De Logi Trust. The grants are intended "to support activities that are likely to have a strong long-term impact on science and/or technology."

Dr. Walter De Logi was a remarkable man. His PhD research at Caltech (1975-1978) spanned electrical engineering and theoretical physics. After a diversion to Harvard Business School he became an entrepreneur, and created and led a sequence of successful biotech companies. He was driven by wide ranging curiosity and a deep understanding of issues in science and technology (with emphasis on biology, chemistry, physics and cosmology), and also art and architecture. De Logi died in 2014 leaving a large portion of his estate to Caltech. Under the terms of his Trust and following his wishes, "The highest priority [is] given to high-payoff high risk projects that are hard to fund in other ways", decisions about how to spend these funds are made jointly by the Caltech Administration and a self-perpetuating De Logi Approval Committee (DLAC), which is comprised of Caltech professors.